Golf Update

Golf Update

Here is an update on the golf side of things during this difficult time of COVID-19. My staff is trying to encourage the social distancing with some of our bigger groups that play on a regular basis. We have also taken steps to help with the spread of this COVID-19. Here a few things we are doing to help: no bunker rakes on the golf course, flagsticks must remain in the hole at all times, single riders are required for golf carts unless you are family, and carts are sanitized before each golf cart goes out for play.

The World Handicap System started this year and I converted everyone’s handicap to this new system on April 15. One big change with this new system is that handicaps update daily. With the Pro Shop being closed I decided that for the time being we would update handicaps like in the past. I will post new handicaps outside the Pro Shop on the 1st and 15th of each month. We might consider going to the daily updates once the Pro Shop reopens. Also, the USGA is recommending that we treat all bunkers as ground under repair since there are no bunker rakes on the course. This is how we are going to treat the bunkers until further notice.

The golf schedule for 2020 is definitely going to be modified some. My thoughts are once we open up again and don’t have to use single carts, we will set a date for the MGA Kickoff Scramble. I am going to try my best to have the following events this year at some point: Kickoff Scramble, Sweepstakes, Member-Guest, Senior Club Championship and Club Championship. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Jeff Bostic
PGA Head Golf Professional
606.329.1966 / [email protected]

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