Jeff Bostic 2021 Golf Executive Of The Year

Jeff Bostic Named 2021 Golf Executive of the Year

Jeff Bostic, General Manager and PGA Head Golf Professional at Bellefonte Country Club, was named the 2021 Golf Executive of the Year for his work on the Natural Resource Partners Bluegrass Junior presented by Encova Insurance.

“They always tell us that we’re one of the most unique sites [on the AJGA schedule]. With all the volunteers we have, we have spotters on every hole and you can really see how the membership at Bellefonte embraces it for the week. ”

“This award means a whole lot to me. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the great staff I have here at Bellefonte Country Club, as well as my wife and two kids who have the patience to let me be away so I can dedicate my time to an event like this.I’m just hoping we hit the 50-year mark and more.”


Congratulations Jeff from your staff and members of Bellefonte Country Club!!

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