Message From The Club President

Message From the Club President

I hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy. I just wanted to update you on a few new issues as your Club, Board and staff are trying to be proactive in responding to a very reactive environment.

We will continue to offer Curbside Food Service for lunch and dinner. A change has recently been made by the State and we are now permitted to sell beer to be consumed on the Golf Course.

Also, beginning this weekend, we are planning to offer  “To Go Cocktails” in sealed containers. Please take the opportunity to support your Club by utilizing the Curbside Pickup Service.

Please remember to follow all rules on social distancing when at the Club, whether to play golf or when picking up a food order.

The monthly Club newsletter will be suspended until further notice in order to cut costs, but communications will continue via the text and email blasts, as well as on Facebook.

Since our annual Easter Brunch cannot be held at the Club, the staff is planning to provide a special Curbside Easter Brunch. Watch for additional information on this later.

Mark Baldock, Club President

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