Message From The Club Manager

Message From the General Manager

To All Members:

As the golf staff is getting ready for a busy golf season I wanted to address a few items that has been brought to my attention. As many of you know with the nice weather, we have been really busy on the golf course and driving range. I am sure at some point you have went to the driving range and there has been no balls or very few out there to hit. There is a few factors that have been contributing to this situation. New range balls have usually arrived by end of March but not this year. Range balls are currently on backorder with the three vendors I usually use for range balls. So the number one reason for the shortage of range balls on the driving range is due to not receiving my shipment of range balls yet. Second issue is we are having to handpick the entire range. It’s not safe for the staff to handpick the range when members are hitting range balls. I was told that range balls will be shipping out by end of this week. Once the range balls arrive this will solve some of the issues we are having. I am asking everyone to be patient until we get the range balls in. Also, starting tomorrow I am going to shut down the driving range from 1:45 to 2:30 every day so my staff can get all the balls picked on the driving range. I want to eliminate my staff from having to hand pick the driving range while members are hitting.

I would also like to address a few items that was discussed at our Golf Committee meeting last month. Posting of scores will start on April 15, everyone will be playing the ball as it lies except for the bunkers. We are going to start out the season with rake and place in the bunkers. This could change as we get into the season and I will let everyone know if this changes. We are also going to allow everyone to take the flagstick out if they would like to. The Golf Committee has decided to adopt the local rule regarding out of bounds. This local rule helps speed up play and allows the player to drop in the fairway and hit their fourth shot. The player always has the option to hit another shot from the tee box if their ball is out of bounds but this is just another option that is given to the player. There will be a few tournaments that this local rule will not apply and I will let everyone know of these tournaments as the season goes along. Last thing I want to say is when you are driving the golf carts on the golf course please make sure you park on the cart path when you are around tees and greens. If you have any questions regarding anything I have mentioned please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Shawn Sergent and we will be happy to answer them.

Jeff Bostic
General Manager / PGA Head Golf Professional
Bellefonte Country Club

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