Week Three Update for Life at YOUR Club

As of this writing Covid-19 has been reported in “our” area. Does this make it real now?

Guidelines & mandates that have been put into place by the Governor are being followed at Bellefonte Country Club.


Response has been very favorable for the menu items listed each week on the Curbside Pickup Menu. We will be changing the Dinner Menu weekly. It will be send via email to you frequently throughout the week and posted on Facebook for your information.

We have struggled with service at times, mainly due to staffing issues & are working to correct this situation. Staffing for kitchen & service positions would normally be approximately 20 – 22 people. The Club is operating with 9 – 11 personnel at this time. We have made adjustments this week hoping that this will help solve the problems being experienced.

Please remember there are two phone lines to the server area for placing orders and as with reservations, everyone wants to order at the same time. Please order within the times listed on the menu for lunch & dinner. We also request that you not leave your order on our voicemail. If staff is busy & momentarily away from the phone just continue calling to place your order. Thanks!


We as a Club have put into place all the mandated procedures to keep the Golf Course open. But if you, the member, do not follow the guidelines as set forth, we can be shut down. Please, keep your social distancing at all times. This includes gathering before your golf round, on the tee and on the greens. All golf courses are being closely watched to assure we are following the rules.


Because of frequent emails & text messages that are being sent to the membership, the monthly Club Newsletter has been put on hold until further notice.

All meeting have been cancelled through April 15th at this time.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Please be safe.

See you soon (from 6 ft. away)

Stan Timberlake, General Manager

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