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Bellefonte Country Club is widely recognized as one of the premier golf country clubs in Eastern Kentucky. Founded in 1921, Bellefonte Country Club prides itself in providing best in class amenities and services. With its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the Club provides a safe and healthy environment for Members and their families to enjoy sports, dining and social activities while building lasting friendships.

History of Bellefonte Country Club

W. B. Seaton, President of Means & Russell Iron Co. was instrumental in the building of Bellefonte Country Club. Seaton was trying to develop Bellefonte into a select residential area. He felt that a golf course and a country club would help serve the needs of the community plus improve the area for real estate development.

Means & Russell purchased almost all of the land between Bellefonte Furnace and Grayson. The company cut trees for fuel and then sold the land. In 1900, Means & Russell Iron Company went out of the Iron business and ventured into land development.

Seaton felt that a golf course was essential to develop the Bellefonte area into a select residential area for Real Estate Development.

In 1921, Bellefonte Country Club was incorporated and officially recorded. The 9-hole Golf Course was designed by Willie Park, an outstanding Golf Architect of his time. Park won the British open 2 times with his father capturing the crown four times.

There have been many people responsible for the flourishing of the Bellefonte Country Club over the last 50 years but none played quite the role that H. Walter Cox did in the Club’s infant years of existence. Cox was a prominent building contractor who moved to the Ashland area in 1917. He was a member of the original Bellefonte Country Club that burned to the ground in 1927. In 1928, he constructed the new Club House you see today. Cox was a Club Officer from 1928 – 1952 and Club President for 20 years. Cox dealt mostly with Armco Steel but was also responsible for the building of Ben Williamson and Parsons Company.

A lot of people, too numerous to mention, contributed greatly to BCC. The Club has been through many challenges throughout the years but has overcome them all and remains a home away from home for many area residents and a social hub for the community. A place for people to make new friends, entertain, enjoy family activities, golf, swim and play tennis.