FlightScope Simulator Proposal

Flightscope Proposal Letter:

Many of you have asked about our project to obtain a FlightScope Simulator, I am happy to announce that the Board has approved for us to go ahead with our fundraising activity to secure the FlightScope.  The FlightScope is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing. FlightScope’s patented fusion tracking technology is a world’s first, providing a realistic and accurate method for radar and camera data.

We have decided to take pledges instead of money at this time.  Pledges do not have to be honored with a check and/or will not be billed to your account until enough money has been pledged to purchase the unit.  Donations are also being accepted.

Three pre-sale packages are being offered of $500, $250, and $100.  Each package will entitle the member who pledges to use it in any combinations of lessons/simulator as follows:

  • Golf lessons at $50 per lesson with FlightScope.
  • Simulator use at $25 per hour.
  • $75 for (1) hour Custom Club Fitting, which includes basic information like loft, lie, hands to floor measurement and recommendations on shaft and grips.
  • $50 for Driver or Putter Custom Club Fitting.
  • $250 Annual FlightScope usage which includes twelve (12) 30-minute sessions, with hands on with our Professional for swing data.
  • Members who pledge $500 and $250 will also receive a Driver or Putter Custom Club Fitting.
  • Members will also receive some free simulation time as a bonus with whichever package they choose.
  • $500 package – (3) Hours of Free Simulation
    $250 package – (2) Hours of Free Simulation
    $100 package – (1) Hour of Free Simulation

The first 20 members who pledge $500 will received a Titleist gift package from Jeff Bostic.

We are excited about this project and hope for a great response from the BCC membership.

Offering this technology here at Bellefonte will benefit the Club:

  1. Help us be better golfers by providing the best technology to our Pro which hopefully will help RETAIN our members
  2. Will increase the value of our membership and give members the ability to keep their golf skills intact throughout the bad weather months by the use of the simulator.
  3. The simulator will have around 100 different courses.
  4. Help attract new members with the availability of the latest in technology. This new technology will be appreciated by the younger golfers in our area.

Your support is very much appreciated and we always welcome any comments or suggestions to improve your golf experience here at Bellefonte Country Club!

For additional info or comments contact:

George Arnold, Golf Committee Chairman
Doyle Turner, Golf Committee
Jeff Bostic, Head Golf Pro


Click here to view or print Flightscope Proposal Letter

For Additional Info or to Reserve
Contact Jeff Bostic
606.329.1966 or [email protected]

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