Pickleball Fundraiser 02 01 23

Pickleball Fundraiser

Pickleball Fundraiser
Current Amount Pledged: $57,000

We are excited to report that we have made major progress on the pickleball fundraiser, this fundraiser will upgrade our upper tennis courts and establish new pickleball courts. We are getting closer to our goal and we are asking the membership to please consider helping us reach our goal. We would like to recognize all the members that have made pledged money so far.

Ron & Diane Cartee
Clark’s Pump N Shop
Tri State Ophthalmology
Jim Donnally & Terri Laxton
Kevin & May Jo Halter
Marc & Priscilla Merritt
Jennifer Galloway
John Moore
Charles & Tina Mussetter
Doyle & Mary Turner
David & Margaret Stroth
Pho & Phuong Nguyen
Phillip & Janis Dowdy
Marc & Marlena Artrip
Evan White
Leon & Alexis Mattingly
Steve & Peggy Hines
Stuart Moore
Steve & Gail Turner
Jeff Johnson
Bob & Ruth Davis
Mike & Paula Hobbs
James & Lynne Wagenaar
Andrew Jones
Jeff Kearns
Mick & Linda Fosson
Chris & Mary Dietrich
Tim & Marla Strait
Tim & Pat Cooksey
Bill Jessie
Jeff & Barbara Conley